5 Hot Places to Visit in Bangkok by Car

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5 Hot Places to Visit in Bangkok by Car

Getting around Bangkok can be a real hassle at times, not just because of its legendary traffic but because it is so far. The public transport is always a benefit but there are some places that are simply out of reach. Sure, you could try your hand at taxis but they are notorious for overcharging tourists and generally snubbing people. Renting a car is a great option as they can get you anywhere you need to go in the city. Here are some of the hottest places to visit in Bangkok.


Yaorwarat is one of the most fascinating quarters in Bangkok. It is home to a large contingent of ethnic Chinese who have made Thailand their home. The area has all the hallmarks of Chinese culture from temples, restaurants, Chinese goods shops and local businesses. Yaowarat is deceptively large and walking around in the heat can really sap your energy and enthusiasm. Drive around the area and park near interesting spots, which you can easily explore and enjoy. From fine Chinese tea to authentic Chinese food, Yaowarat can keep you busy for a whole day.

Sanam Luang

While Sanam Luang is historically and culturally important to Thailand for its own reasons, the areas around Sanam Luang are home to some of the most important buildings in the Kingdom of Thailand. Learn more about the royal history and the city of Bangkok at the Bangkok National Museum. Appreciate some of Thailand’s treasured art at the National Gallery. Visit the Amulet Market and see which amulet you want to buy. Each amulet offers a different kind of protection.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is known far and wide for its amazing shops and products. Located next to Chatuchak Park, the Weekend Market is a little bit further out from the city centre. In Chatuchak Market, there are many zones that sell different kinds of products and even pets. You can easily spend all day out there and find everything you could possibly want to buy. Chatuchak has many restaurants and cafes among the other shops, you can easily get any meals you want.

R.C.A Plaza

There are plenty of great night spots all over Bangkok, especially in Sukhumvit and Khaosan Road but the young locals prefer R.C.A Plaza. R.C.A stands for Royal City Avenue and it is home to some really amazing nightclubs, bars and cafes. RCA isn’t close to any major public transportation, which means driving is the best way to get there. Some of the legendary clubs in Bangkok such as Route 66, Oynx and Live RCA Club are all in this area.

The Commons

One of the most well-designed, contemporary complexes, The Commons is where some of Bangkok’s hottest restaurants are located. You can choose from street food, Mexican, bakeries and more in The Commons and enjoy the young and pulsating ambience that makes Bangkok special. The Commons is just off Thong Lo, which has a huge selection of fun activities as well.

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