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Tak is a province in the lower North of Thailand. There are historical remains which serve as evidences that Tak was a historical city. Ancient temples and pagodas built in the art and architecture of Mon’s style suggest that Mon people were settled down in this area a long time ago. There are also ancient temples built in Sukhothai and Ayutthaya period. Old buildings built during the reign of King Rama V in an architectural style that reflects European influences can also be seen in the town.

Tak is a beautiful province almost entirely off the tourist map; consequently, visitors looking for true Thai hospitality and a peek at everyday Thai culture, unspoiled by the influences of mass tourism, are in for a real treat. While there are few tourist oriented sights and activities, this does not mean Tak is absent of attractions; in fact, Tak features spectacular natural attractions, including jungle covered mountains filled with exotic animal life, many hill tribe villages living traditional lifestyles, and opportunities to go white water rafting, play golf, or visit a gibbon rehabilitation center.

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