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Udon Thani is a big, brash city with one of the largest expat populations in Thailand. The city boomed on the back of the Vietnam War as the site of a large US airbase, and it subsequently became the region's primary transport hub and commercial centre. The town itself doesn't have any must-see attractions, but there are some tremendously interesting spots around it..

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Nong Prajak Park

Pick up a rental car at the airport and drive through the center of the city. There's Udon's most popular park starts to rev up as the afternoon winds down. It's home to many colourful attractions such as a giant Ban Chiang–style pot and a huge floating rubber ducky that has become an Udon icon. A lot of action takes place along Th Thesa on the sunset-watching side of the lake where there are many restaurants, paint-your-own-pottery shops, and streetside massage artists. There's a bike-hire shop on the northeast shore.

Wat Phothisomphon

Nearby Nong Prajak Park, There's a temple called Wat Phothisomphon that you can continue drive a rental car next to. The centrepiece of this historic temple, founded during the reign of King Rama V, is a modern gold-and-grey chedi built to honour several revered monks. The murals inside the upper floors are excellent.

Sanjao Pu-Ya

This large Chinese temple on the southern shore of Nong Bua lake attests to the wealth of the local Thai-Chinese community. At its heart, the Pu-Ya Shrine houses small images of the Chinese gods Pu (Grandpa) and Ya. Btw, you can park a car around the park and walk here instead. 

Wat Pa Phu Kon

​Discreetly tucked away in a hilly woodland just inside the Na Yung District district boundary of the Udon Thani Province, some 126km from Udon Thani City, is Wat Pa Phu Kon and is one that is probably not seen by the single visitor too often; more the realm of the expat with a local Thai girlfriend or wife who wants to visit this rather special temple.

This place is located out of the town, further into the mountain around with the trees that no public transportation can reach. The best way to go there is to drive you own car or a rental car. Carspool offers the best car rental deal for helps you rent a car in Udon Thani, Thailand.

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