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Get a car rental in Pattaya and have a great vacation with Carspool.

Car Rental in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a vibrant and exciting seaside city that has plenty of life. It is known as a premier nightlife destination in South East Asia but it is also a great place for a family vacation and a relaxing time by the beach. If you are searching for car rental to Pattaya, Thailand, the two best locations are Survarnabhumi Airport near Bangkok and U-Tapao Airport near Pattaya. It is easy to drive the car from either airport to Pattaya and then drop off the car once you are planning to go back and catch your flight.

For car rental in Pattaya, you can rent from either airport or from locations within the city itself. Carspool offers pick points for car rental in all these locations; we even have two locations within the city itself. Car rental in Pattaya, Thailand is even more convenient with Carspool.

Pattaya has a number of exciting options when it comes to attractions and points of interest. The local transportation is mostly made up of songthaews, which can be unreliable and uncomfortable. However, since the city is large enough to accommodate all these interesting bars and restaurants, it is not small enough to do so on foot. A car rental in Pattaya makes the most sense if you want to get to your favourite spots in the city without any hassles and on your own terms.

Things to see in Pattaya

After getting your own car from Carspool car rental in Pattaya, Thailand, you should definitely drive to Jomtien Beach if you are going to live near Pattaya. Most tourists stick to one beach but with your car you will be able to reach Jomtien in no time at all. Jomtien is a quieter than Pattaya Beach but it’s key highlight is windsurfing as well as a host of other watersports.

You can always park your car at the end of the Beach Road and go explore Pattaya’s Walking Street. This infamous street is where the most incredible nightlife scenes in Thailand take place with beer bars, nightclubs, karaoke bars and many other pulsating night spots.

Exploring nearby Sattahip town is also a very good idea as it is only a 45 minute drive away from the city centre of Pattaya. Sattahip is not at all as touristy and wild as Pattaya but it a friendly town that has all kinds of beautiful sights. Enjoy the seaside in peace here or enjoy a local Thai meal here before heading back to Pattaya.